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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Neighborhood Doorways, San Francisco

Morning walks daily while in the "neighborhood" in San Francisco led me to enchanting entrances to homes on the hill north of the place where I stayed in Noe Valley. I want to share some of the lovely works of art with you. Hope you enjoy.

What kind of stories are hidden behind the green and glass and birck and mortar in this alive and fasinating dwelling?

I wonder who you are and how you feel when you enter this enchanting doorway.

The story behind the two side-side houses (according to a man I met while taking this photograph) is that the pink house slide down the hill and the woman who purhased it had the blue-gray house moved from atop the hill to sit beside the pink house. She built a breezeway to connect the two homes so she lived in the blue-gray and her daughter lived in the pink.

Maybe the hill looks easy enough to walk up but let me tell you it will take your breath away; at least I had to stop at the top. Whoops, there wasn't a top to the hill. Whenever I thought I had reached the top I saw there was another mountain to climb.

Streets, stones, bricks, plants, flowers and arcitec is all a work of art.

How'd you like to have this kind of garden?_________________________________________________

Recently, I accompanied a writer-poet friend to San Francisco to help he with his traveling--we changed plans in Dallas and Las Vegas and my friend required a wheel-chair (ever change planes in Dallas? If not, be prepared for miles and miles via walking paths, moving sidewalks, trams)--anyway, I traveled with him and then helped him get settled into an apartment where his doctor daughter also lives. But prior to the apartment we stayed in a flat (owner called it a bed & breakfast; but I don't think so, though it was quite nice) for the first week. That's when I took 45-to-an-hour fast walks over the hill to the north and the buisness area to the south in this "neighborhood" of Noe Valley. It was rewarding, interesting and lovely. I've put photos I took on these ventures in to several different folders that I am sharing with you. I found the doorways most interesting and lovely.

Every entrance amazed me.

Just couldn't get enough of the various doorways and coming upon Victorian mixed with the array of stylings in the residential parts of Noe Valley.

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