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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peanut book for Christmas

Hope you will take a look at the story of Peanut told in his own words... Perfect gift for children and parents.
Downloads 99-cents from Amazon; 8x10 color print copies $16 pluse$2 postage from Patricia Lieb, 15835 Helen K Drive, Spring Hill, FL 34610.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy San Francisco

Occupy San Francisco
At Market Street & Merry Pier

A few shots in San Francisco, California

The Christmas tree at Fisherman's Warft was being decorated in late October.

I had never know that squash flowers were good eating,
but the seller said "Try it" and
so I bought a container full and stuffed them
with cream cheese and fried them in bacon drippings...
Was quite yummy!

The best part of any city is coming to the stands containing vegetables and fruits.


A senior can ride all day, transfer whenever, on the buses
mines, and trolleys for 75 cents. I love San Francisco
public transportation.

Ready to start picking on Haight Street

Looking through the window screen from the 6th floor apartment.

Ah, yeah, as I said before, I love public transportation.

Hey bartender.... at the Cha Cha Cha on Haight Street

His voice echoed along Haight Street

San Francisco is the most dog-friendly city I've ever been in...
This little was with his mama shopping at the A&P store.

And on to the Hard Rock at Fisherman's Warft to get Phil a signature shirt.

This pooch was sleeping in the window near his buddy's barstool.
I snapped the photo while walking along Haight Street.

I think this might be Merry Pier.

Bus ride from Atlanta to Boston

In October I took a bus from Atlanta, GA, to Boston, MA. and back to Atlanta. Except for the Peter Pan, the ride was via Greyhound.

The Peter Pan was a good ride from New York to Boston.

But I still like the Greyhound

Love the Greyhound terminals throughout the country.

Greyhound terminal in Providence, RI

Flat Creek Community, Lakemont, Georgia

The church

A falling down barn with grass on the roof.

Lovely walking trail

Phil's house in the mountains

Cozy is the word.

Cousintown Road, Interlachen, FL

I love you this much brother!

Steaks looking mighty fine.

Pat and Phil visiting Paul and Camille Shipp on Cousintown Road, Interlachen FL.

New England Squirrel

New England Squirrel

While visiting my children in New England I saw this handsome guy on the balcony off the kitchen and had to snap his photo. He is somewhat bigger and has thicker fur than Peanut.

You know, Peanut is the star of The Adventures Of A Squirrel Named Peanut, ebook published by Twilight Times books and print copies by Upham, Read, Llyle & Asc.

You'll find Peanut online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Please watch for my books as they are being reissued via new/other publishers, as Asylett Press has closed due to illiness of the owner.

Still available:

The Adventures of a Squirrel Named Peanut, ebookjs from Twilight times Books; print copies from Upham, Read, Llyle & Asc.

My 18th Birthday from Solstice Press

Please contact Patricia Lieb at pat.lieb@yahoo.com for additional information, or check my accompaning blogs.


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hanging out in Northeast Georgia

My book titled "The Adventures of a Squirrel Named Peanut"

Children and adults love Peanut more and more as he tells about his life as a spoiled little gray squirrel in Florida. Print copies avalible from Upham, Read, Llyle & Acs. $16 plus $4.50 handling and postage. Order from Patricia Lieb, 15835 Helen K Drive, Spring Hill, FL 34610.

Published by Twilight Times Books. Available in ebook downloads only from Twilight Times books, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other online book stores.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Walking South in Noe Valley, SF, CA.

After walking from the alley I found myself in a place with lots of goings-on all around, from churches to shopping to unlimited vegetable-fruit stands to an array of cafes and restaurants representing American, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Asian, and many more.

This corner store is run by brothers Billy and Don. I met my new buddies when I went out the first morning in Noe Valley in search of a bottle of Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon.

Billy and Don hold the Guinness World record for having built the largest rubber band. This is Billy opening the wine for me.

The blur in the photograph is my hair. A windy day.

San Francisco downtown in the distance

Don is holding the record-breaking rubber band photo.

Saw lots of churches on my morning walks.
Flowers everywhere.

Mission College Campus on a busy Noe Valley street.
Lovely walks, tree, bushes and flowrs.
Downtown San Francisco in the distance.
All is up and down and down and up. Love it!

Lovely homes set on busy streets.
So many residents have dogs. I was told that more people have dogs than kids in Noe Valley.

Love the brick and greenery on this busy avenue.

Please come back soon. I have more SF photos to share. Some taken in parks and some in the alley entrance to the place where I stayed.