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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Voters outcome at Editors & Preditors published works contest --Crittes Workshop

Two of my books placed in the Editors & Preditors contest; my novel titled My 18th Birthday, published by Solstice Press came in 9th place in a novel catagory and a book for children titled The Adventures of a Squirrel Named Peanut, published by Twilight Times Books, came in 4th place in the childrens' novel catagory..

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Crusing the West Indies (still working on this page)

From Fort Lauderdale, FL to Puerto Rico, St. John's Antigua; Saint George, Grenada; Ftort De France, Martinique; Philipsburg, Saint Marteen; Nassau, Bahamas
Crusing can be fun anytime but I must say times are best when family and friends decided to hang together on a 10-day cruise. That is what six of us did in December. First we took a Trailway Bus from Spring Hill to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to get on the MSC bound for the West Indies. We borded the cruiser in the early afternoon, then sailed out about seven that evening.

Now for the right place to party: Saint Marteen!

Fresh fruit carvings added a friendly decor to the buffet.

After two days at sea Puerto Rico charm and cultures bring life to the Island.

Another day at sea; then we reached St. John's, Antigua to enjoy the colorful surrounds and the relaxed life-style.

I really found the Island of Granade warm and welcoming. We started off for a taxi ride and first thing that caught my eyes was a hand-painted sign that said, "Thank you America for liberating us." I didn't get the photo with my camera but it will forever linger in my mind. Loved it!

On Spice Island we learned about the country's many spices and coco.

In Fort De France, Martinique, because of the exessive cost for taxi service we decided to do our sight-seeing by foot.
Phil, can't you see the girl isn't alive!

Saint Marteen for the beauty and the style.

Our Table Captain was the best.

Hey... the Hard Rock in Nassu, in the Bahamas.

The young man in the below photo found my camara after I'd left it in a store where we stopped for beer. Yes, you can go into a liquor store, purchase alcohol and then walk along the streets drinking it.
When I discovered my camara missing I hurried back to the store. The fellow had put the camara behind the counter for me. I was SO happy. $20 was a small reward for his efforts, but that was about all the cash I had on me.

Another nice carving to admire before deboarding the cruiser in Fort Lauderdale.