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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Florida Serial Killers

3  Florida Serial Killers

Florida Serial Killers
Mike Kaprat aka The Granny Killer raped and killed older women then burned their bodies and homes; Oscar Ray Bolin, got "Pumped up" after killing pretty young women; Billy Mansfield killed teenage girls and buried their bodies in the family yard. These stories appear with other murder cases in the book titled Murders In The Swampland, available in hard back from Xlibris Press.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Scared GrannyJune 18, 2012
This review is from: Florida Serial Killers (Kindle Edition)
This was a well crafted,scary book.I am a granny and really got involved in this book.Since,I am the first reviewer,I recommend this book to all as an enjoyable with your doors and windows locked.

Blue Eyes, paranormal novel

Blues Eyes haunting by Patricia Lieb now available on Amazon Kindle
Book Description
 June 28, 2012
"fascinating story full of twists and turns"
Mary is the only black girl she knows who has piercing blue eyes. All of her life, she has wondered where they came from. Her mother, Sadie, won't tell her, Sadie's nutty friend Corinne gets hysterical every time she see her...what to do? 
After several episodes where she clearly isn't acting like herself, Mary is involved in an auto mishap and things go downhill/uphill from there. She doesn't believe she is herself; instead stating her name is Kate Wagner and she lives in Red River Parish, Louisiana. On top of that, she is a WHITE woman, not a "colored"!

The plot development of this story was fascinating. Ms Lieb's characters took on a life of their own as well as Mary/Kate's history, present and future. If you read this one, you will not be disappointed by the twists and turns of the plot and of Mary's life. I read it in one sitting and loved every minute!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted October 4, 2008

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