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Friday, May 13, 2011

A pair of Pine Warblers are looking for a home to hatch chicks.

Mister Warbler: “This place is awfully busy. Squirrels, Jays, Crows… I don’t see any friends.”

Missy Warbler: “It’s a good place. Busy yes. But our gray and yellow colorings blend in with this dead oak tree that’s hanging with Spanish Moss.”

Mister Warbler: “There’s water; but we get ours from a distance away. There’s seed, but I’ll hunt for bugs.

Missy Warbler: “The cabin is so lovely.”

Mister Warbler: “Since you like it so much, Missy, we’ll move in.”

Three weeks later with water spraying over the evergreens and bushes and various birds dancing under the sprinkler, Mister Warbler stands on his cabin perch and watches. Then,

Mister Warbler: “Missy, I think we’ve moved in to a tropical amusement park.”

(Below is an essay about the Pine Warblers nesting in the dead oak tree by my porch in Florida)
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