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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

True Crime: Murders in the Swampland

New: 2012 updated version of original cases and additional Florida murder cases:

MURDERS IN THE SWAMPLAND AND COP LOGS 3rd addion contains the following cases plus three additional files. https://www.createspace.com/4491231
CONTENTS Introduction Cases included in MURDERS IN THE SWAMPLAND & names of convicted killers 1. The Story Of Billy Mansfield & Secrets Hidden In The Green Bus--Serial Killer Billy Mansfield 2. Gay Encounter Costs Priest His Life--William Howell Galvin 3. Torture Murder In The Swamp--Todd Mendyk & Philip Frantz 4. A Christmas Rabbit Hunt Became A Night Of Murder--Rick Shere & Bruce Demo 5. Shootout In Sumter County--Jeffrey Raymond McGuire & Traci Grosvenor 6. He Killed The Pretty Young Women--Serial Killer Oscar Ray Bolin 7. Murder To Be Popular--Patrici Keebler A Gunman’s Intent: She’s As Good As Dead--John Barrett, Scott Burnside, & Dorssey Sanders III 9. Rumble At The Old Publix--Gang murder of Russell Coats in Brooksville, FL. 10. They Killed For A Hunk of Crack--Debra Russo & Daniel Gardner 11. Granny Killer On The Loose--Serial Killer Edwin Bernard "Mike" Kaprat 12. Killer Left Body For The Dogs--Ivan Morales 13. She Awakened To A Gunshot In The Night--Julie Leacock & Samuel Augusta Coppola 14. Killers Claim Rock Star & Bodyguard Fame--Clifford Jarvis & Brian Kipp 15. Couple On The Run: Caught With Gun In Her Panties--Melissa Herriss & Earl Linebaugh 16. She Listened To Kidnappers Plot Her Murder--Alfred Fennie, Pala Colbert @ Michael Frazier 17. Mother & Daughters Dumped In The Bay--Serial Killer Oba Chandler 18. Cop Log I 19. Cop Log 2 20. Cop Log 3 21. Epilogue

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